Free app to record phone calls

Free app to record phone calls

GuestSpy is a great cell phone tracking and tracking software which allows you track ALL the activities of any iPhone, Android phone and tablets including iPad and iPad mini. The program is super easy to set up on the device you want to monitor. It has all the typical features present in this sort of applications such as call logging, GPS location monitoring, reading of SMS and email messages, viewing browser background, and logging in photos/videos taken.

GuestSpy provides you the ability to record all telephone calls made to and from the tracked phone. With GuestSpy, you can:

– Record calls which are made to and from particular numbers only.
– All telephone recordings are uploaded to your online GuestSpy control panel that you can get from anywhere with an internet connection. You can download these records on to your computer or only listen to them straight from the control panel at any moment you want.

Why You Need This Feature

Do you often wonder what someone is chatting on the phone about? Are you fearful your employees may be making dangerous deals over the telephone? Are your children on the telephone at suspicious times? Wouldn’t it be good to have the ability to listen in to their calls and be sure nothing wrong is happening? Well, this is where GuestSpy phone recording feature comes in handy. All you need to do is log in to a GuestSpy control panel and you will have access to the records of calls being created by your goal.

There are also some additional features that you may find useful:

– Social network observation: View incoming and outgoing chat messages from within social networking programs, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, BBM, and iMessage.
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– Geo-Fencing Alert: Be alarmed anytime the target device travels out of a specific area you have designated on the map through your control panel.
– Profanity Alert: Setup keyword filters which alert you whenever a vulgar term (that you define) is input into the device.
– Block services: Block access to certain apps, websites, contacts and much more. Restrict/Block messaging and calling services for specific contacts. Add numbers to whitelist and blacklist to let and block them .

Setup on the target device is easy and clean, and there is a strong set of configuration options available on the GuestSpy control panel.

If you’re trying to find a professional mobile phone monitoring software which will allow you to protect your family or business, I think GuestSpy might just be the alternative you have been searching for.

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